Bible Studies

Some Reflections on 
The Closed Canon of Scripture 
And the Work of the Holy Spirit

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Part One: The Only Infallible Rule

I. The Bible

II. The Inferiority of all Other Forms of Revelation to the Bible

III. The Importance of an Absolute Standard of Truth

IV. Infallibility and the Binding of the Conscience

V. Infallibility and the Office of the Apostle

VI. Preaching as the Living Word of God

VII. Preaching and Infallibility

Part Two: Contemporary Time as a Continuation of the New Testament Era

I. The Last Days and the Christian Era

II. The Last Days and the Return of Christ

III. A Post-Apostolic Age

IV. The Christian Life and Apostolic Experience

Part Three: The Baptism of the Holy Spirit

I. The Day of Pentecost

II. The Baptism of the Spirit and the Glorification of Jesus

III. The Baptism of the Spirit and Restoration to Life

IV. The Baptism of the Spirit and the Kingdom of God

Part Four: The Gift of Tongues

I. The Identity of Certain Spiritual Gifts

II. The Nature of Tongues

III. A Phenomenon Broader than Christianity

IV. The Function of Tongues According to the New Testament

V. An Hypothesis Concerning Some Contemporary Tongues

VI. Tongues and God's Sovereign Gift

VII. Public Worship

VIII. Tongues and Israel's Unbelief

IX. Tongues Not to Be Forbidden