Our Family

Thanksgiving 2008

According to Tradition, Thanksgiving 2008 was spent at our home on Cotile Lake.

Vincent Clan 2008

Another Shot of the Vincent Clan

Five Jewels of our Earthly Treasure

Sandy and I have five children.  Here they are on Thanksgiving Day 2008 in our Backyard.

Lydia, Andrew, Amy, Ginny and Benn

Thanksgiving 2007 

Thanksgiving 2007 was spent at our home on Cotile Lake.

Thanksgiving Ride 2006 

Getting read to take all those pictures . . .

After 2007 Thanksgiving Dinner Walk 

Grandson Noah rides Baba the Elephant.

Uhl Children with Their Grandparents 2007

Maxie Uhl, holding Zoe, John Uhl, Bob and Sandy Vincent
Nathan, Wilder and John Vincent Uhl

Thanksgiving 2006 

Thanksgiving 2006 was spent at our home on Cotile Lake.  
Twenty-one people, four dogs and two cats came.  Since
Thanksgiving 2005, we have added two grandchildren and
our daughter-in-law Haley.

Left to Right: Sandy, holding Savannah, Brian, Ginny, Sean, Haley, Christian, Vincent,
Andrew holding Rupert with Hamilton looking over his shoulder and Nathan standing below,
Bob, Amy, Wilder, Benn holding Henry, John holding Zoe, Amanda holding Noah,
John's parents, John and Maxie Uhl, and Lydia.  Out of range is the Uhls' dog, Thibodeau.

Sandy and Bob admire our grandson, Noah, and granddaughter, Zoe, both born since last Thanksgiving

The newest Vincent is not human:  Rupert belongs to Haley and Andrew Vincent

A Close-up of Rupert Vincent, part of our growing menagerie of granddogs

These five children, four children-in-law and eight grandchildren began with a kiss

Sandy and Bob kiss before taking the family for a Thanksgiving ride on our catamaran

The colors of our trees are so beautiful on the fourth Thursday of November

Ginny's Three Children
Christian, Brian and Savannah

Birthday Cake, June 17, 2006

Five of our grandsons celebrate a birthday:  (from left) Nathan, Wilder, Christian, Christian's mother Ginny, John Vincent and Brian

Easter 2006

Easter 2006 was very eventful.  We had the whole family over to eat supper Sunday evening,
but later on that night Benn, Amanda and pre-born Noah were in a wreck while
traveling back to their home in Baton Rouge.  Here are some of us on
the back porch, waiting for supper.  Pregnant Lydia is talking with pregnant Amanda.

We also celebrated our granddaughter, Savannah's second birthday.

Our daughter, Amy organized lots of games; here is grandson, Wilder doing one of Amy's relay races.

The Old Man participated, too.

Aunt Amanda helping Nephew Nathan find eggs.

Sandy's Self Portrait

Thanksgiving 2005 

Thanksgiving 2005 was spent at our home on Cotile Lake.  
Nineteen people (one of whom was in utero) three dogs and two cats came.

Left to Right: Lydia and John Uhl, John's parents, John and Maxie Uhl, Nathan and Wilder Uhl, Sean Preston holding Savannah Preston, Christian Preston, Sandy Vincent, John Vincent Uhl, Bob Vincent, Ginny Preston, Brian Dauzat, Benn, Amanda, Andrew and Amy Vincent

The Same Group with Different Folks Smiling

Here Is Andrew with his Fiancée Haley

Thanksgiving 2004

Thanksgiving 2004 as spent at our home on Cotile Lake.  Seventeen people, four dogs and one cat came.

Ginny's husband, Sean Preston, Ginny, Andrew and Bob

Not everybody could fit at the main table.

Amy, Lydia's husband, John Uhl, and Lydia

Amy Rose Vincent

John Vincent Uhl, Wilder Uhl and Brian Dauzat

Nathan Uhl and Christian Preston

Savannah Rose Preston

Amy, Andrew and the Woman Who Never Stops,
Mom (Sandy, my wife of over thirty-six years,
mother of five, grandmother of six)

Benn, Ginny, Benn's friend, Amanda, (as of 12/23/2004, fiancée) Lydia, Amy and Andrew
around Sandy's Dad, Andy Price, holding Hamilton
with Amanda's dog, Samson, on his shoulder

Lydia holding our dog Hamilton and her dog Thibodaux

 Thanksgiving 2003

Thanksgiving 2003 was spent in Memphis, Tennessee.  We gave thanks to God by attending worship Thanksgiving morning at the Second Presbyterian Church; our son-in-law, John Uhl, preached.  After church we had a photograph taken.  The sun faded us out a bit, but all fifteen members of our family are in it.

Left to Right
Back Row:  John Uhl, Andrew Vincent, Bob Vincent, Sean Preston
Middle Row: Benn Vincent, holding Nathan Uhl, Amy Vincent, Sandy Vincent, Andy Price, Lydia Uhl, Ginny Preston, holding Christian Preston
Front Row: Brian Dauzat, John Vincent Uhl, Robert Wilder Uhl

After we got home from church, I took a picture of everybody else in front of the Uhls' house.

Left to Right
Back Row:  Sean Preston, Benn Vincent, John Uhl 
Middle Row: Andy Price, Ginny Preston, Sandy Vincent, holding Christian Preston, Lydia Uhl, with arms on Robert Wilder Uhl, Andrew Vincent, holding Nathan Uhl, Amy Vincent
Front Row: John Vincent Uhl, Brian Paul Dauzat

Times change:  this picture was taken in August of 1998, around the time that our son-in-law, John Uhl, was ordained as a pastor.  Most of the family was in South Carolina for the celebration.  Since that time, God has blessed the Uhls with a third son, Nathan William -- William because he was born on my late father's birthday, November 1, 2000, and Christian Andrew Preston was born on June 17, 2002.  God gave Christian and Brian a little sister on April 14, 2004, Savannah Rose Preston, our first granddaughter.

Left to Right:  Virginia Vincent Preston, Brian Paul Dauzat (on Bob's shoulder), Sandra Price Vincent, Robert Benn Vincent, Sr., Andrew William Vincent, Amy Rose Vincent, Lydia Vincent Uhl, John Vincent Uhl (being held by his Mom), Robert Benn Vincent, Jr., John Wilder Uhl, Robert Wilder Uhl (being held by his Dad).

Christmas of 1986

This shot was taken around Christmas of 1986.

Left to Right:  my father, William Wyman Vincent, in his early eighties, Benn with my hand on his shoulder, yours truly monkeying around, Lydia, my mother, Janet, Amy with Andrew, Ginny and Sandy.

Sandy and I were married in 1968.  We both love a good joke.


Andrew, our youngest son, went to Papua New Guinea under New Tribes Mission in 2001.

Sandy, Andrew and I took the train they call The City of New Orleans up to Chicago on August 6, 2002, to visit with Amy.

Left to Right: Sandy, Bob, Amy and Andrew

For old photographs of my father, mother, brother and me.

For more family.

For the almost members of our family, including our usurping dog, Hamilton.