Bible Studies

Natural Divisions Within the Book of Revelation

I. Letters to the Seven Churches: Chapters 1-3

A. Introduction: 1:1-20

B. The Letters: 2:1-3:22

II. The Seven Seals: Chapters 4-7

A. Godís Throne: 4:1-11

B. The Conquering Lamb: 5:1-14

C. The Seals Opened: 6:1-8:1

III. The Seven Trumpets: Chapters 8-11

IV. The Woman, the Dragon and the Beast: Chapters 12-14

V. The Seven Bowls of Wrath: Chapters 15-16

A. Introduction: 15:1-8

B. The Seven Bowls: 16:1-21

VI. The Two Women and Their Destinies: Chapters 17-19

A. The Whore of Babylon: 17:1-18

B. Babylon: 18:1-24

C. The Bride and the Marriage Supper: 19:1-21

VII. The Millennium and the Consummation: Chapters 20-22

 A. The Millennium: 20:1-15

                                        B. The Consummation: 21:1-22:21

Bob Vincent