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This page is for my World History class at Grace Christian School.

Our Memory Palace is very important, and it is already being constructed. 

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I took this picture of a marmot in the Rocky Mountain National Park, near Estes Park, Colorado. Heís the tiny spot on the top right of the highest rock, and he has quite a view of the world from that vantage point. Thatís why I thought it would be a good picture to remind us about our perspective on things:  that marmot has a different perspective on the things than you and I do, living as we do so near to sea level.

By zooming in you can get a better view of the marmot.  We want to zoom in on how other people have lived, how they looked at life, what they dreamed about and feared, their understanding of right and wrong, language, art and how they practiced war.  We want to see how these people have shaped our lives today.

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